JOYSUN | 甚至日光
YEAR  2022

甚至日光是新兴的香氛品牌,专注香水研发。客群目标主要是女大学生和初入职场的白领。我们在最开始就确立了文字的视觉方向,通过富有韧性又极具弧度的的线条去体现“坚硬的柔美感” 。希望通过这样的视觉印象去与我们的消费者获得共鸣。

在logo的字形基础上,我们扩充出了一整套字体,并将其应用在包装和其他宣传物料上, 由于香水味道有几百款,我们用香型为主题去规范整体的包装来降低成本, 同时形成整体的视觉印象。

JOYSUN is a new fragrance brand, which specializes in the research and development of perfume. Its target customers are female college students and white-collar staff who have just entered the workplace.

We confirmed the visual orientation of typeface in the first place: displaying the “tough sense of grace” through the tenacious and curved lines.
With such a visual impression, we hope to resonate with our customers.

Based on the logo characters, we designed a whole set of fonts and used them in the package and other materials for publicity. As there are several hundred kinds of perfume odors, we used the theme of fragrance in the whole package to reduce cost and form the visual image at the same time.