DXC 餐具




这种“单一”与“变化”的对立统一能为品牌带来独特的视觉感受。 虽然这并不是最终的方案,但客户和我们都觉得这个方向“有点意思”,于是我们就把它完善了出来。

DXC, a ceramic home brand founded in 2004, has supplied tableware to numerous Michelin and top restaurants globally.

Its success in the commercial market, driven by the unique 1320°C high-temperature glazing technique.

Our design is based on parentheses, drawing inspiration from the shared concept that both parentheses and tableware can "contain content." First, parentheses themselves have a distinct and singular recognition, often giving the impression of emphasizing content. Second, parentheses offer a rich range of variations: different combinations in terms of quantity, size, and type can create a diverse visual landscape. This the unity and opposition of "singularity" and "variability" can provide the brand with a unique visual feeling.

Although it isn't the final solution of DXC, both the client and us found this direction "intriguing" . So, we decided to further develop it.