A Yong the kid | 草地阿勇
YEAR  2022

草地阿勇是一个文创商品品牌,包含家居、服饰、文具等等设计商品。草地阿勇强调本土性,“草地”在闽南语中谐音“臭弟”,是对小伙子的普遍称呼。 “阿勇”是极其常见的闽南男子的名字,合起来的意思是“阿勇小子”。

品牌从创立之初,就带有草根、顽强、市井、不被拘束的精神。 在设计中,我们希望突出变化,这也是为了呼应品牌的草根性,“像一颗种子,落到怎样的土地,就会开出怎样的花”。这种变化、自由生长的理念我们希望通过平面设计能直观地体现出来,同时,这也使得各种形态能应用于不同品类的产品。

草地阿勇(A Yong the kid) is a brand of cultural and creative commodities, including household supplies, clothing and stationery, etc.

The brand puts emphasis on localness, “草地” (the lawn) is the homophonic term for “臭弟” (stinky kid) in Southern Fujian dialects, which is used to call young men; and“阿勇” (a Yong ) is also a quite ordinary name for men in Southern Fujian. The meaning of the whole term is “A Yong the kid”.

The brand has embodied the spirit of grassroots, tenacity and unrestrainedness since it was created. In design, we hope to highlight the idea of change, so as to correspond to the grassroot feature of the brand.

“Like a seed, the flowers may bloom after it falls into the ground”. The notion of change and free growth is what we want to vividly demonstrate in graphic design. Meanwhile, it also allows different forms to be applied in a variety of products.