PAUL LAI | 黎柏洋服
YEAR  2022



我们力求以最简练精确的线条勾勒黎权波先生的肖像;在配色上以明亮的绿色和金色搭配;文字则以楷体为骨架,选用喷漆字中的“断笔”作为字体最具特色的识别,增强日常感;同时,我们提取“Paul Lai”的“PL”像针织一样穿插,作为底纹应用到一系列的物料来延续品牌特色。

PAUL LAI was established in 1927 and originated from the Hong Kong family of tailoring. Its main business is high-end suits customization. The brand is named after the chief patternmaker, Paul Lai, so we decided to use his portrait as the graphic part of the logo to highlight the soul of the brand; we also wanted to highlight the overall visual quality of "Modern Hong Kong Style" and reinforce the brand's image of "Hong Kong-style suits customization" over the years.

We strive to outline Paul Lai's portrait with the utmost precision and simplicity, using a combination of bright green and gold for the color scheme. The text is structured with a traditional Chinese font—KAITI, utilizing the "broken-up paint strokes" of the spray-painted characters as the most distinctive typographical feature, enhancing the sense of daily life. Meanwhile, we incorporate "PL" from "Paul Lai" like interwoven knitting, applying it as a pattern across a range of materials to maintain the brand's distinctiveness.