DXC 餐具
YEAR  2023




DXC is a ceramic home brand established in 2004. It has supplied tableware to hundreds of Michelin-starred and Black Pearl restaurants both both domestic and abroad, while maintaining long-term partnerships with top international ceramic brands.

In our interactions with DXC, "time" is a frequently mentioned concept: the work of over a dozen artisans, numerous production processes, hours of firing, and the invisible time spent by skilled craftsmen over the years. These are all tangible aspects of the time that goes into each piece.

Behind the scenes, there is also invisible time: the craftsmanship of experienced artisans honed over thirty years, experimenting with three hundred glaze variations each year but ultimately selecting only seven, designers' continuous adjustments and experiments with the shape of the ceramics, and more.

To honor this time, the hourglass element is distilled directly into the transformation of the three letters in DXC as a tribute to those who shine behind each artwork.